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Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien I received an advanced copy through Goodreads and because nothing was really grabbing my attention reading-wise, started it immediately. Thank goodness for Saturday nights with nothing going on because I read it straight through.

This is dystopian fiction so you have your standard elements: an elevated level of society seemingly perfect (but hiding a big, dark secret), a lower class being exploited and chaffing under the oppression & a rumored group hiding out somewhere in the wasteland. But the author's take and inventions kept it from feeling 'been there, done that' with the plot.

I think what I liked most was Gaia herself. Her actions never frustrated me to where I thought, "Come on, wise up!" and wanted to shake her.


Sure, she made mistakes, struggled and endured loss but everything she did rang true to me. Once the action picked up I was reading to see what happened next till the end. Although everything was wrapped up sufficiently for the story, I hope another book is in the works because I would very much like to know what happens to everyone.